Welcome to my Webcomic!  This strip has been in the making since my early high school days, and has suffered countless set backs, delays, procrastinations and broken hardware.  This, quite simply, has been my biggest project to date, and frankly, having my own webcomic has been my dream for more than a few years now.


And that day is finally here.  I have my comic.  I am officially a webcomic artist, and that thrills me to no end.  Alright, I’m terrible, my comic aren’t great, but I’m getting there.  This is progress!  And I invite you to follow me on this progress, to join me in my journey to conquer the world make an enjoyable webcomic!


Now, I’m still new to this.  And I haven’t quite found my footing yet.  The hardest thing for me right now, is to keep coming up with ideas.  So, for the moment, I’m going to TRY and Update Once a Week on Tuesdays.  But that’s subject to change.   I hope you all enjoy reading this, and I hope I learn a lot from this venture.


Yours trully,