Chapter One is officially finished!  So what’s next?  What does the future hold?  Well, Chapter Two… Obviously.  Were you expecting some sort of clever twist?


Consider this Chapter Two’s title page!  Though, it’s filed in Bonus Comics since it doesn’t actually… well, whatever… It’s not a comic.  It’s a splash image or whatever.  Anyway, I hope y’all like it.  This one took me a while.  I’m really beginning to get to grips with Manga Studio, and hopefully with some practice, these comics will become second nature to me.  As for the comic in general, what should you expect with Chapter Two?  Well, hopefully, it should be better.  Simpler, funnier, better drawn…


RocTer is my first, and hopefully not my last attempt at a Webcomic.  And Chapter One and my earlier comics are riddled with so many mistakes and errors I wish I could change.  Some of them I can fix, some of them I can improve upon, and some of them I can never correct.  So, in Chapter Two, I’m going to try and fix the mistakes I can, and use what I’ve learned in Chapter One to improve my comic.  In short, I aim to make it look better, be more consistent, funnier, and a lot less weird with it’s plot.  I’m going to take it more seriously, whilst at the same time, taking it a lot less seriously.


Till next time!