I always wanted to include gaming in the comic, in some way.  I imagined drawing amazing images of our characters fighting through the battlefields of Halo, or building grand constructions in Minecraft… Instead we get me singing David Bowie.  Badly, I might add.  RocTer isn’t exactly what I’d call a journal comic, but I can confirm that I actually do this on occasion.  No idea why.  It’s like an impulse.  Coates and I have this weird thing about singing David Bowie, including the Flight of the Conchords song “Bowie in Space”, usually greeting each other with “Bowie’s in, SPAAAYAAYYACE!”


Oh, and by the way, we are slightly weird… Possibly mental.


On the plus side, I really think I’m getting steadily better at this whole drawing malarkey.  Though, in saying that, I know, from my inside sources, that the next comic looks pretty poor.