I’m not very good at Blogging.  Or whatever the kids call it these days.  But I feel I should put in an effort.  After all, I need content on the website, besides the comic at least.  Though what should I do?  Talk about movies, games, etc?  I might give it a go.  I think I’ll open up comments on the site soon, so some changes may be happening.


On a positive note, I am getting more comfortable with the comic itself.  I’m getting into the groove more and more.  Hopefully this’ll become second nature for me.  I want to get to that stage, to be at that level.  The only problem I have right now is advertising it, and getting it out there.  If you’re reading this, please, post, re-post, link, like, subscribe… I hate when people ask things like that on Youtube and whatever, but from this side of things, I realise it really makes a difference.  I’d appreciate any and all support you guys can spare.


GTA V is sucking some time, heheh.  And of course, work keeps getting in the way.  Doing my best to make the comic more of a priority.  If this sounds like mindless dribble, it’s because I’m a little bit tired.  And I really don’t know what to say about this comic.


Also, I don’t much like Glee…