So, I’m really really really tired.


I’ve fallen behind, and for the first time ever since I launched this site, I’ve had to draw the comic the night before.  As in, I finished this one about three seconds ago.  It may be a little rushed, but it’s really late, and I still have work tomorrow.  This is one of the comics that I’ve been staring at it for too long in one sitting, and everything becomes a blurred mess and I lose track of it, unable to tell how it looks or if it’s even funny.  But, I signed up for this, and I’m determined to meet my quota!


If I’m not making sense, it’s because I’m delirious with tiredness.  I’m glad the comments are closed for this one, because I’d expect a lot of ‘Cream of my face’ jokes.  And my face is falling to the keyboard…


However!  If you do want to make dirty jokes, or poke fun at me, leave me criticisms or comments, please please please go to my, or the comics Twitter pages, and go like us on Facebook!  Links are on the right of the site.


Thanks guys.  Now, I’m away to bed before I pass out.