So, a few things to get off the ol’ chest.  Firstly, it’s been way too long.  And for anyone who knows me, you probably know why.  Things aren’t exactly going well.  That being said, I do wish to keep going with this comic, and hopefully, once things get a bit more stable and sorted out, I’ll want, and feel comfortable doing comics more regularly.  I should point out that I am not promising the next one will come soon.  I will TRY to post something new quickly, but I’m really not sure at this point.  I REALLY want to get through this little story arc.


The other thing is that this comic features a lot of new things.  I’ve been trying my best to decide on a consistent and decent look for the characters, Tony in particular, as he seems to change quite regular.  I’ve settled on the way he looks in this comic, tidying up a few things.  It should also mean the other characters fit a bit better.  But!  Character design isn’t all that’s new.  I want to put more time into the backgrounds, and I want them to look good.  I’ve changed the way I do them, and I’m not sure it’s worked.  I’ll keep doing them this way for a few comics, see how it goes.


Now, the last panel is something entirely new.  Never tried anything like that before, not sure if it worked.  What do you think?  Does it do the job I wanted it to do?  Look alright?  Or does it look kinda lazy?  I wanted to try and be a bit more dramatic and… artsy, I guess?  I dunno.  Either way.