So, for the first EVER time, I’m currently posting this comic in the morning.  Aka, before I go to work, before my brain has started to function, etc.  Forgive me if this sounds a little like children’s babble.  This comic is being posted a day early because I plan on posting a second comic this week, purely as a Hallowe’en treat, which I should hopefully post up here on Wednesday.  After that, I hope to return to posting on Tuesdays.  I know I say this most every blog post, but I am getting more comfortable with these and meeting deadlines and stuff.  I’ve been testing myself recently to see if I can manage two comics a week, and… well, the results aren’t bad.  Not perfect either, not not bad.  Give it some time, and who knows?


On a more related topic, here’s a comic!  This one seems a little text heavy, and that’s only really because plot is happening.  And plot is needlessly complicated.  I know I’ll need to explain a few things from time to time, and this happens to be one of those times.  Next weeks probably will too.  Trust me, I just want to get through it.  But on the place side, I am powering towards the end of Chapter One, which leaves me desperately trying to pull ideas for a Chapter Two.


In terms of look, there’s not much to say about this one.  Except that the background was… different.  In case you can’t tell, it’s supposed to be a Coca-Cola advertisement.  Why have I drawn a Coke ad?  Well, some of my closer friends will know I actually own a vintage coke sign, which is currently hanging on my wall.  It was this sign I was trying to replicate.  It’s kind of an in joke thing, kinda doing it to appease myself.  I like putting in little references everywhere.  Anyway, time is moving on.  I best get ready for work!