Happy Hallowe’en Everybody!


To celebrate, please enjoy this comic I thought up in about 32 seconds.  Hence the terrible terrible pun.  But hey, terrible puns seem to be the flavour of the flat right now.  I really wanted to do something to break the tedious plot that’s happening in the main story line right now, especially since next weeks comic will be another plot related one.  Hopefully the last one which has Al explaining science in it.  …Or maybe second last.  But that last one has a good pay off.  I think.  You ever work on something so much you begin to become blind to it?  Yeah, I’m kinda at that stage.


On a positive note, I have a plan!  Besides my story arc.  You see, for the last… six weeks?  I’ve been posting the comics weekly.  What this basically means is, I’ve been drawing the comics as they come out.  For example, this Hallowe’en comic was finished this week.  Now, some of you may have noticed my timing has gone a bit wonky.  Posting comics on Mondays, and this one going up on a Wednesday, and even that extra one I did (Hot Potato, you can find it in the Blog).  The reason behind this?  Well, I’m actually doing more than one comic a week!  What does this mean?  Well, I have a plan to keep doing what I’m doing.  For example, do one solid RocTer a week, for Tuesdays, and then randomly that week, I’ try and draw a Bonus comic.  If I can keep this up for a couple of months, I may see if I can try and launch two comics a week.


Of course, this is only if I can manage it, and the feedback is good.  Anyway guys, enjoy your Hallowe’en!  I’m off to work on some more comics!